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[Discuss] CrashPlan Home is discontinued - what's next?

For my main backups of my daily computer I still do incremental backups 
to a series of encrypted portable USB disks. One stays at at work, one 
at home, etc.

But for various things I do backup to the "cloud" more frequently: I 
commit to git and push, frequently, as soon as I feel like I have 
accomplished some little something. For work work I push to work's git 
server, and for personal work I push to one or another remote machine of 
my own. And at least for my personal stuff, the push requires my typing 
a manual password, so I think it is effectively off-line, at least from 
the perspective of most malware.

-kb, the Kent who likes having his backups under his own control.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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