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[Discuss] Crashplan is discontinued

On 8/31/2017 2:10 PM, Rich Braun wrote:
> One of the issues with pics is deduplication, as they're renamed
> across folders. My current rsnapshot approach doesn't cope well with
> that. Could git do this automatically without complex scripting?

Yes, if you use Git to rename files across folders. That is, if you use
"git mv" then Git will adjust it's internal pointers to say that the new
location is the same file.

Personally, I find Git to be a cumbersome sync or backup tool. But then,
it's not a sync or backup tool despite several attempts at making it
into these things. It's a snapshot tool, so if you're doing snapshots
already then introducing Git is of little benefit. From that,
filesystems snapshots are better managed by the filesystem. For example:

Y=`date +%Y`; D=`date +%j`; H=`date +%H`
btrfs su snapshot -r /btrfs/home /btrfs/.home-${Y}-${D}-${H}

and run an "offline" dedupe tool like rmlint as necessary assuming
you're not doing on the fly deduplication on the filesystem.

Rich P.

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