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[Discuss] systemd reboot

On Sat, 03 Mar 2018 02:09:21 +0000
Mike Small <smallm at> wrote:

> I should be able to find my answers in the man pages or other systemd
> documentation but I'm getting fatigued reading them. So if you have
> the time...
> I see behaviour where if I change something under /etc/grub.d/, run
> update-grub and then immediately run /sbin/reboot, upon start up grub
> sees the old grub.cfg not the new one. 

How do you know that? Did you back up the old grub.cfg, run update-grub
and reboot, and then do a diff on the current and backed up grub.cfg
and find them the same? If not, perhaps there are other reasons
alterations of contents of /etc/grub.d don't appear to be recognized.

[snip systemd questions]

I don't know. My computer inits with runit, whose shutdown script is
pretty simple. But I'm not sure your grub issue has anything to do with


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