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[Discuss] New BLU Wiki

As with Demo's it appears that there's a similar rule to making
announcements: that something will invariably go wrong. ;-) I didn't
realize that the RequestAccount system wasn't installed.  Only
Administrators could make accounts. Now there's a deploy going that will
add the necessary bits.  Accounts can now be requested, but will still need
approval by an admin to prevent spam.

To you fellow admins on the list: you won't even see account requests until
the user validates their email address (from an autogenerated email). Once
the system knows that the email address is valid, then it will be added to
the request queue at Special:ConfirmAccount

Best regards,


Greg Rundlett

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 11:44 AM Nancy Allison <nancythewriter7 at>

> Hi, Greg.
> I'm used to Confluence, where I would find a Create button that would let
> me create a new page. I don't see a control like that, but I do see an
> opportunity to log in. Maybe then I would see the controls I can use? How
> can I find out what my login is?
> Thanks.
> --Nancy
> On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 9:17 AM Greg Rundlett (freephile) <
> greg at> wrote:
>> (was Followup from InstallFest regarding typing of non-ASCII characters
>> <>)
>> In preparation for my BLU presentation next week about QualityBox, I
>> turned
>> this conversation into a wiki page in the new BLU Wiki at
>> Feel free to add/edit as you
>> wish. I
>> plan to use it as an example.  For anyone who really wants to play around
>> in the new wiki, I suggest copying the page contents to your own user
>> page,
>> and / or making a 'Sandbox' page
>> <>.
>> Thanks,
>> Greg
>> Greg Rundlett
>> <>
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