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[Discuss] Backup Postfix/Dovecot E-mail Server?

On 12/3/18 5:57 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:
> This is called a Secondary MX, although you can have any number of them. 

Yes, I've done that before. But then what?

>> * Set up something more clever that keeps the primary and backup in sync so
>> both IMAP servers hold the same messages.
> High-availability is hard, although this is the easiest case:
> you list both machines in your MX records, and have your MTA
> deliver to a shared filesystem. DRBD is the usual choice.

Dovecot has a replication feature I might play with.

First, I need at least a cold-spare: a complete Postfix and Dovecot 
server that I can point my DNS records to. And my clients (only my wife 
and I) can point our clients at it as a completely e-mail server. I 
think that's the first step.

Maybe I go to secondary MX and Dovecot replication after that, donno yet.


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