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[Discuss] Kubernetes Re: Backup Postfix/Dovecot E-mail Server?

On Tue, 04 Dec 2018 20:48:05 +0000
"Rich Braun" <richb at> wrote:

> the event of outages. But I never have outages anymore. :-)

I don't either but through a very different path.

Because some time back I came to the realization that email is not
private and cannot be private. With that realization came relief: I can
let someone else do all of the heavy lifting. So I do.

I run my own little dovecot server at home because I find it
convenient. It's storage only, no incoming or outgoing. I populate it
with getmail called from cron. getmail because unlike fetchmail it
retains a history of retrieved messages and has a delete after period.
Outgoing is through my mail providers, switched by account preferences
for different mail folders.

For example, the message I'm replying to will sit on until 11
December after which it will be deleted. Meanwhile this outgoing
message will be handed directly from my MUA to one of Google's SMTP

Loss of my little server would be an iconvenience in this regard as I
would have to reconfigure my MUAs to use gmail and my other
providers directly until I revive it.

Rich Pieri

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