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[Discuss] Backing up evernote

Jerry Feldman <gaf.linux at> writes:
> My main concern with evernote is the rumors it may go out of business. So,
> I have two desires
> 1. Backup on my system (or Dropbox or drive) to preserve the notes.
> 2. Viable replacement for evernote that supports Android and Linux.

emacs seems to have a mode available for doing something or other with
evernote files:

But I guess if you were an emacs user you'd be using org-mode, plus
emacs is painful on Android. A person wanting a Lisp on Android should
probably instead use picolisp and some simpler editor.

This reminds me, does anyone have a way to enter text into an android
phone at a shell or editor prompt that gives the shell or editor the
whole display rather wasting half of it showing a soft keyboard? The
picolisp author has a solution called pentikeyboard, but I haven't been
able to figure out how to install it on my phone yet:
I wonder if it's not more suited for tablets than phones anyway. 
My hand is too large to drape fingers and thumb across the phone's screen.

Mike Small
smallm at

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