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[Discuss] ssh_dispatch_run_fatal error with FIOS router?

On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 8:53 PM Daniel Barrett <dbarrett at> wrote:
> Anybody use Verizon FIOS with the old ActionTEC MI424WR router? If so,
> are you seeing the following fatal error if you scp large files from a
> remote internet host?
>   ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to xx.xx.xx.xx port xxx: message authentication code incorrect
> ?
> I can scp huge files with no problems between computers on my home
> network, but whenever I try to scp something large (multi gigabytes)
> from remote internet Linux hosts, scp dies with the above error(s).  I
> don't know what else to blame than my Verizon router, unless the
> problem is outside my home.
> The OpenSSH team says this isn't an SSH bug but is caused by certain
> buggy network hardware:
> I know that Verizon has a newer router now (and tried to force
> everyone to upgrade about a year ago), but at the time I didn't feel
> like redoing my whole incoming network/firewall setup from scratch....
> Thanks for any insights.

I vaguely recall hearing once of a network card with bad memory
buffers and certain
bit patterns in certain buffers couldn't be successfully written and
then read.  If have the
ability to set up an encrypted/compressed VPN from your home to the
outside world, you
might try doing your copies over that link.  You might get lucky and
not hit whatever is causing
your problem.

Bill Bogstad

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