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[Discuss] Fedora 28 Doesn't See External DVD Drive on USB Port

Hi, all.

When I plug in my external disk drive into my Fedora 28 machine, it does
not show up in Nautilus.

I go looking online, and, sure enough, this problem has occurred for plenty
of people for 5+ years over many releases of Fedora.

I find a discussion in which someone evidently solved the problem. Here is
what the person reported:

"NVM - found the cause. Old entry in fstab for a second swap not present on
sdb1 and first USB disks being assigned sdb. Cleaned that up and now all
drives plugging correctly.
Willtech ( Sep 23 '18 )"

How do I apply this information? Where is fstab? When does a first swap
occur? When does a second swap occur? What does it mean to be assigned sdb?

Here is the URL to the entire discussion:

All suggestions warmly welcomed. I sure would like to see that DVD drive
show up.


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