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[Discuss] Ubuntu Install Question

On Wed, 6 Mar 2019 18:44:03 -0500
Ivan Klimov <iklimov87 at> wrote:

> recommendations/layout on partitioning. I plan to use Ubuntu  as my
> primary OS (50-70% of the time)) and Win10 for those
> programs/utilities that do not run on Ubuntu. Ideally, to have one
> buffer partition to exchange between two OS.

Here's a thing: if you're running Windows 10 then you can install most
of Ubuntu natively under WSL. Install wsltty (WSL Terminal) and you get
Cygwin's terminal for your WSL environment. Add a proper X server like
VcXsrv and you can run your X clients in a window (I think VcXsrv does
borderless full screen) or as native-looking Windows applications. And
you don't need a special filesystem for data exchange. Just be careful
about what you write from Windows until the next feature update which
will include improvements to drvfs which address problems with POSIX
file metadata being wrecked by standard NTFS access.

What's missing is the Linux kernel (there's no Linux in WSL despite the
name) so the only reason to dual boot is if you absolutely need the
Linux kernel.

Rich Pieri

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