MediaOne and Linux (yet again)

Derek Atkins warlord at
Tue Aug 11 11:08:59 EDT 1998

Are you sure that the two ethernet cards are on different IRQs and
IOs?  This is generally the problem.

Linux works fine with multiple ethernets.  Also, just remember that
MediaOne only gives you one IP address, so you need to use Linux IP
Masquerade for the internal network.


"Peter R. Breton" <prbreton at> writes:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
> > Sounds like MediaOne didn't get the MAC address into their systems.
> > Generally, they'll only allow one MAC address from your system.  If
> > you change MAC Addresses, you need to power-cycle your cable modem.
> When I moved the dhcp connection to eth0 instead of eth1 (by having the
> MediaOne support line change the MAC address in their database and
> power-cycling the modem), all worked fine with MediaOne. However, now
> the internal network (on eth1) doesn't work :-(
> The problem could be any number of things, including just a bad Ethernet
> card, or some problem with running multiple Ethernet cards, or some
> problem with running multiple Ethernet cards of the same type, or some
> network configuration issues. My bet is that it's the card....
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