MediaOne and Linux (yet again)

Peter R. Breton prbreton at
Tue Aug 11 11:34:11 EDT 1998

> Are you sure that the two ethernet cards are on different IRQs and
> IOs?  This is generally the problem.

The cards are detected fine (they're PCI), and the different IOs and
IRQs show up in the boot log. So I doubt that this is the problem.
> Linux works fine with multiple ethernets.  Also, just remember that
> MediaOne only gives you one IP address, so you need to use Linux IP
> Masquerade for the internal network.

Yeah, IP Masquerade is the going-forward plan :-)

Right now, I can connect to MediaOne fine (on eth0), but I can't even
ping the internal network from the Linux machine (on eth1). Is there
some setup that I'm missing? Or is it a flaky card?

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