Commercial X display servers

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at
Fri Aug 28 07:49:30 EDT 1998

> From: Christoph Doerbeck:
> Any experience with comercial X servers?  I have a Diamond Pro Video
> card with a Weitek 9100 processor which I'd like to use to generate
> video avi's / mpeg's.  Xi supports this card with their Xserver,
> but I'm curious to know what others have found?
> Any experience in our lovely community on this topic?

At one point, the Metro-X server had better initial configuration tools than XFree86's configuration.  Since then, XFree86 has caught up, and I'm not sure why RedHat still bundles Metro-X with their product.  

The XFree86 community seems pretty active, and if your distribution doesn't include what you want, you should check the web sites for the latest releases.

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