Commercial X display servers

Gordon Keegan lgk011 at
Fri Aug 28 08:50:23 EDT 1998

> At one point, the Metro-X server had better initial configuration tools than XFree86's configuration.  Since then, XFree86 has caught up, and I'm not sure why RedHat still bundles Metro-X with their product.  
> The XFree86 community seems pretty active, and if your distribution doesn't include what you want, you should check the web sites for the latest releases.

Funny you should mention that...  I just got RedHat 5.1 about a week
ago, and it doesn't seem to have Metro-X any longer.  The Redhat web
site doesn't mention Metro-X in their 5.1 details, either.  The 5.0
mention it, but it seems conspicuously absent in 5.1!

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