'kill' in bash script

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Thu Feb 3 12:29:38 EST 2000

     I don't think your problem is the 'kill'.  I think it's the program, 
     xargs.  It needs to run under X.
     If this were over a network I'd suggest a DISPLAY value in your 
     environment... but I'm not sure.  I'm not sure what xargs does 
     actually.  But your shell is not connecting to X.  Is it running as 
     you or as a seperate user?  Is there a non X program that does 
     whatever xargs does?

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Subject: Re: 'kill' in bash script
Author:  Ron Peterson <rpeterson at yellowbank.com> at InterNet
Date:    2/3/00 10:01 AM

Well I still haven't gotten my dumb kill script to work when called by 
cron.  I explicitly specified all paths.  Yes, I installed via 'crontab 
-e'.  I can run other crontab jobs, so it's not a cron permissions 
Here's the error message cron emails to me:
> usage: kill [ -s signal | -p ] [ -a ] pid ... 
>        kill -l [ signal ]
> 647
> Could not open X display "".
This script *does* work if I call it manually.  Here's the whole thing:
cd /home/ybrp01/temp
/bin/ps ax | /bin/grep [b]ackfract | /bin/awk '{print $1}' | 
/usr/bin/xargs -n1 kill
/usr/games/bin/backfract -delay 240 -colors 256
and my crontab:
0 */1 * * *     /home/ybrp01/bin/background.bash
My best guess:  bash has both an interactive and a non-interactive 
mode.  Does bash not allow 'kill' in non-interactive mode?  Any way 
around this, if that's true?
I didn't try 'killall'.  That might work, but I guess I want to 
understand the underlying problem.  I should try it, though.  It would 
be informative to know whether it works or not.
Again, not at all important for me to get this to work.  But I hate 
being flummoxed.
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