'kill' in bash script

Kuan Lee kuanlee at erols.com
Thu Feb 3 14:15:37 EST 2000

Pausing before the last shore of time, pfarrar at learningco.com wrote:
>      I don't think your problem is the 'kill'.  I think it's the program, 
>      xargs.  It needs to run under X.
>      If this were over a network I'd suggest a DISPLAY value in your 
>      environment... but I'm not sure.  I'm not sure what xargs does 
>      actually.  But your shell is not connecting to X.  Is it running as 
>      you or as a seperate user?  Is there a non X program that does 
>      whatever xargs does?

this would also work for you...and it does multiple process at a time.
	kill `pidof program_name`

xargs is not an X program.  It converts an arbitrarily long list of _x_ args
into bite-sized chunks, which potentially calls the command several times
with subsets of the list.

Even if you knew the last arg to be a directory you wouldn't want to do 
	echo * | xargs mv
Kuan Lee

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