Samba and firewall in the same box?

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This is very doable. IP masquerade is easy to set up. Plenty of 
FAQs on the net for this.

[Bill Horne]  Well, let me throw some more into the pot ;-).

I have to work in Win95 for my employer most of the time, doing 
Lotus Notes email.   I'd  like to have a "dial on demand" box 
that will establish the right modem connection depending on the 
requested IP address.  In other words, if I request a 
connection/session with a work IP address, I want the box to 
dial my employer's access point, and if it's anything else I 
want it to dial's POP in Canton. Of course, I'd have 
to have a way to keep the requesting machine(s) from timing out 
during dialing, but the big question is if the Linux box can 
discriminate between PPP destinations based on the IP addresses.

Of course, it'll have to refuse connections from Internet users 
when the server's modem is in use on the company service, vice 

Doable?  Easy/hard?


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