Samba and firewall in the same box?

Jason Nelson jtnelson at
Fri Feb 4 08:37:25 EST 2000


>[Bill Horne]  
>I have to work in Win95 for my employer most of the time, doing 
>Lotus Notes email.   I'd  like to have a "dial on demand" box 
>that will establish the right modem connection depending on the 
>requested IP address.  In other words, if I request a 
>connection/session with a work IP address, I want the box to 
>dial my employer's access point, and if it's anything else I 
>want it to dial's POP in Canton. Of course, I'd have 
>to have a way to keep the requesting machine(s) from timing out 
>during dialing, but the big question is if the Linux box can 
>discriminate between PPP destinations based on the IP addresses.

Check out the man pages on diald - The dial on demand deamon.  I set it up
for a while.  I had it running on my Suse 6.1 box.   I have only one ISP so
it was more work than needed (easier just to start the connection when
needed with ppp-up). 

>Of course, it'll have to refuse connections from Internet users 
>when the server's modem is in use on the company service, vice 

It has plenty of options and filters to do that kind of thing.  

>Doable?  Easy/hard?

I forget the conf file but just point it it to your working chat scripts
and it should work.  It should work "out-of-the-box" but you need to modify
things to have it dial the appropriate number for service needed,  timeouts
for the amont of time the link is inactive, what kind of traffic should
extablish a link, etc. etc.  Not too hard.

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