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Sun Feb 6 13:34:45 EST 2000

Two years ago, Digital sold its FAB plants to Intel, and made a deal with 
Intel to manufacture the Alpha chip for 10 years. Compaq has changed all 
the names from Digital to Compaq. The Alpha chip is still one of the 
fastest chips in the industry. It will take a while before Compaq 
completely subsumes the Digital name.  The Alpha was the first non-Intel 
chip that Linux was ported to. While the initial Linux port was 32 bits, 
Linus himself actually ported the kernel to 64 bits on the Alpha. 
Alpha/Linux is fully 64 bits.
"Kevin M. Gleason" wrote:
> Does anyone know if when Compaq acquired DEC if the DEC Alpha chip is
> now known as the Compaq Alpha? Is DEC totally consumed by Compaq or does
> it still produce processor chips by a different name?
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