Question on using javac.exe with windows..

Pedro Soria-Rodriguez sorrodp at
Mon Feb 7 09:05:22 EST 2000

Ed Miner wrote:
> so basically if the java file contains all lower case, then i am able to
> compile, however if i am dealing with a mixed case file, then i get the
> error above? any ways around this? i am not sure if it's cygnus or
> ibmjdk118..

	.. or Windows.  It is Windows' fault and its non-working patch
to allow upper and lower case letters in file names.
	I ran into this before, and I think my solution was to use an editor
that would actually save the files with the right case in the name.
The one i use is PFE (programmer's file editor) available in any
site ( for instance).   But I am sure that any other
decent editor should be able to do that too.
	PFE also saves the files for me in Unix format (that is, regarding
the carriage return character vs. end of line character issue).


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