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Hi All -

   Softpro Books is holding a grand opening for the Marlboro store on
Saturday, Feb 19.  Rick and Bob (the proprietors) approached me and
Andy Stewart (Worcester LUG) about doing a day of Linux information,
demos and installs at the store as part of the festivities.

   Being more than willing to sponsor this kind of thing, I've
committed some VA Linux Systems resources to this project - a couple
of hubs, a couple of workstations, an install server, some T-shirts,
my time, etc.

   The plan is for me to dump a load of gear at the Marlboro store on
Friday, 2/18 with staging instructions for a volunteer from WLUG to
start setup prior to Softpro opening at 10am on 2/19.  I should be able
to get there shortly after opening.

   I've attached a tentative battle plan.  We're basically planning to
be all over the place - a discussion area in the front corner of the
store with a hub and power for laptops, a demo area in the back of the
store with a couple a decent workstations for static demos and canned
talks and a mini installfest in the back room where we can process ~4
machines an hour for the brave.

   I think I'm going to need about half a dozen committed volunteers
that can be circulating among the unwashed at any given time.  I could
also use a couple of 15" tubes for use in the installfest.  I'm also
eager to see anybody from the LUGs that wants to drop by and visit and
circulate, show off unique platforms, etc.  The things we'll do will
be largely dependent on who volunteers and which skills they bring to
the table.  I'd be very happy if someone with serious Debian and SuSE
experience stepped forward to add Debian and SuSE to the list of
things we're installing.

   If you think you want to do a shift helping us pull this off, drop
me a line.  There will be more mail with directions and promo info as
soon as the promo guys from the various sponsors get their act

Thanks in Advance,


A day of Linux Information at Softpro Books in Marlboro sponsored by
Softpro Books, VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly Publishing, the Worcester
Linux User Group and the Boston Linux & UNIX User Group.

There will be three venues inside the store:

Way up front:

  Tech talk, laptop tips and tricks.  Free format discussion and

Towards the back:

  Demos and presentations, schedules TBD [numbers in brackets are a
	guess for times].  Topics:

	- Why Linux?  A Linux features overview [10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30]
	- Linux and Windows - Dual Boot and Network Neighborhood [11:30]
	- Maximizing your Internet connection with Linux (IPMASQ & squid)
	- Linux as a Server, Apache, PHP, mySQL, FTP, Mail [3:30]
	- Fun and Games - Civ, Quake, XMMS (multimedia) the GIMP [5]

In the Lab:

  Configure your system for Red Hat or Corel Linux.  You bring your
  machine, we'll verify for suitability and install on site.
  Installations take about 90 minutes.  We can accomodate 6 simultaneous
  installations.  Sign up early to get a slot.





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