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I am willing to help in anyway I can.  I have been only using linux for 
a few years off an on but I have done many, many, many installs and some 
basic configurations, (mainly x and network configurations), and my home 
linux box that I am on right now :) I am sure there are other users that 
can probably more help to you than I but if you find yourself short a 
person let me know and I will gladly help.

Maurice Grady,
Information System Engineer
Network Engines, Inc
Randolph, Ma 02368
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On Tue, 08 Feb 2000 19:37:48 John Abreau wrote:
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> Subject: Softpro Marlboro Grand Opening, 2/19/0
> Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 17:43:35 -0500
> Hi All -
>    Softpro Books is holding a grand opening for the Marlboro store on
> Saturday, Feb 19.  Rick and Bob (the proprietors) approached me and
> Andy Stewart (Worcester LUG) about doing a day of Linux information,
> demos and installs at the store as part of the festivities.
>    Being more than willing to sponsor this kind of thing, I've
> committed some VA Linux Systems resources to this project - a couple
> of hubs, a couple of workstations, an install server, some T-shirts,
> my time, etc.
>    The plan is for me to dump a load of gear at the Marlboro store on
> Friday, 2/18 with staging instructions for a volunteer from WLUG to
> start setup prior to Softpro opening at 10am on 2/19.  I should be able
> to get there shortly after opening.
>    I've attached a tentative battle plan.  We're basically planning to
> be all over the place - a discussion area in the front corner of the
> store with a hub and power for laptops, a demo area in the back of the
> store with a couple a decent workstations for static demos and canned
> talks and a mini installfest in the back room where we can process ~4
> machines an hour for the brave.
>    I think I'm going to need about half a dozen committed volunteers
> that can be circulating among the unwashed at any given time.  I could
> also use a couple of 15" tubes for use in the installfest.  I'm also
> eager to see anybody from the LUGs that wants to drop by and visit and
> circulate, show off unique platforms, etc.  The things we'll do will
> be largely dependent on who volunteers and which skills they bring to
> the table.  I'd be very happy if someone with serious Debian and SuSE
> experience stepped forward to add Debian and SuSE to the list of
> things we're installing.
>    If you think you want to do a shift helping us pull this off, drop
> me a line.  There will be more mail with directions and promo info as
> soon as the promo guys from the various sponsors get their act
> together.
> Thanks in Advance,
> ccb
> -------
> A day of Linux Information at Softpro Books in Marlboro sponsored by
> Softpro Books, VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly Publishing, the Worcester
> Linux User Group and the Boston Linux & UNIX User Group.
> There will be three venues inside the store:
> Way up front:
>   Tech talk, laptop tips and tricks.  Free format discussion and
>   socializing.
> Towards the back:
>   Demos and presentations, schedules TBD [numbers in brackets are a
> 	guess for times].  Topics:
> 	- Why Linux?  A Linux features overview [10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30]
> 	- Linux and Windows - Dual Boot and Network Neighborhood [11:30]
> 	- Maximizing your Internet connection with Linux (IPMASQ & squid)
> 	    [1:30]
> 	- Linux as a Server, Apache, PHP, mySQL, FTP, Mail [3:30]
> 	- Fun and Games - Civ, Quake, XMMS (multimedia) the GIMP [5]
> In the Lab:
>   Configure your system for Red Hat or Corel Linux.  You bring your
>   machine, we'll verify for suitability and install on site.
>   Installations take about 90 minutes.  We can accomodate 6 simultaneous
>   installations.  Sign up early to get a slot.
>   10:30
>   12:00
>    1:30
>    4:00
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