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On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 Vincent Cocco <vcocco at> wrote:

> I guess I need some clarification on a concept:
> What I have setup is a linux box running Samba; what I need is access to a
> printer.
>  My idea was to use one of our laser printers connected to our AIX box.
> My question: I would use something like Samba running on my Linux box to
> access a printer on our IBM box, correct?

While I'm not familiar with AIX, I would guess that it probably uses
either the BSD lpr or the SYSV lp print daemon, which you can access
directly from Linux (assuming there's no extra security layer restricting
remote access). 

Samba's printer function is to provide printer services to NT clients;
the Linux machine would have to already be able to print, and then Samba
would sit on top of that and pass print requests from NT clients to the
Linux print queue. 

I think there's also an SMB client that lets Linux print to an NT print
queue, but that would have no relevance to AIX.

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