Support for 800 series HP Deskjets

John Abreau jabr at
Thu Feb 10 15:01:45 EST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 elawson at wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with or know the level of support in RH 
> 6.1 for the recent HP color DeskJet printers?  The HP 812 is 
> inexpensive and capable of producing excellent color prints. I am 
> considering one, but it is not among the printers specifically 
> supported in RH 6.1.  I need the quality of printing the 812 is 
> capable of and am looking for info on just how well it will print 
> under RH 6.1.

I recently picked up an HP Photosmart P1000, mainly because it can print
directly from the flash card from my digital camera without going through
a computer. I had assumed that it would work on my Mac, but no such luck.
Now I'm stuck with yet another reason not to delete the Windows partition
from my laptop.  :-(  (I was hoping to nuke it once I had DVD support on

I think it's reasonable to assume that any HP printer is a WinPrinter
unless explicitly documented otherwise. 

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