Gnome movement?

Kevin M. Gleason kgleason at
Thu Feb 10 17:14:05 EST 2000

as a followup to my original question I got a response back from a Red Hat
engineer friend. Just thought I'd share what the response was::

When you get right down to it, because of the technology used to display
stuff on computer screens, *everything* boils down to pixels eventually.
So yes, when moving windows, it's possible to move them around a pixel at a


When it comes to resizing windows, things still happen in terms of pixels.
However, some applications are written to size (and therefore resize) their

windows according to a measure which, eventually, is based on pixels.

For example, Emacs bases its window on the currently-used font's size.  So
if you resize an Emacs window, the size will jump in 10-pixel increments
(assuming the font is 10 pixels in size).  If you look at some of the more
graphical applications, or my favorite guinea pig xev, if you resize it, it

will resize on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Kevin> I increased the size of one window to 254 x 327 (800x600 and
Kevin> 16 bit resolution).

What was the application?  If it was character-based, I'd bet you could do
some line and column counting, and determine why it was that size (and what

it would be if you added another line, for example).  Maybe that's an
"exercise best left to the reader" (Ah, I love that phrase! :-)

Thanks for your feedback on this question. I guess because of its open
source nature different applications will have different measures.


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