Gnome movement?

Derek Martin dmartin at
Thu Feb 10 16:14:13 EST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Kevin M. Gleason wrote:

> When moving windows around on the Gnome desktop it looks like the
> windows move in pixels (numbers within parenthesis) but in what unit of
> measure do the windows resize?

It depends.  Usually it's pixels, but if the application is primarily
text based (like Xterm) the geometry can be in character cells.  At least,
I think that's the case... I've been using KDE (which doesn't give you
geometry changes when you move or resize a window) for so long now that
I'm no longer certain about that.  This, BTW, is KDE's biggest downfall,
IMO. Though there are several others that are close in the running...

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