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Thu Feb 10 16:21:16 EST 2000

     Well... I've done it now...
     I have two machines running Slackware 4.0.  One is connected to the 
     internet.  That's the machine I usually use.  The other has a tiny 
     little B&W monitor from the 80's, so I always log in remotely from X.
     I went on a security binge a month or two ago, and locked down most my 
     services in /etc/services on the machine I usually use.  Pretty much 
     anything I didn't recognize got pounded ('#'ed).
     Yesterday I logged in to my second box from an xterm, set the DISPLAY 
     environment and tried to open up emacs.  'Unable to connect to host' 
     or some such message came up on my screen (I don't recall the exact 
     I thought about it for a while, checked /etc/hosts.allow and 
     /etc/hosts.deny, then it dawned on me... I had closed most my ports.  
     Unfortunatly, I can't remember (if I ever knew) which ports let me run 
     X applications on a remote host.  Could someone please tell me?
     I'm really up for any input on proper security for X, as I've heard it 
     can be exploited pretty easily by the initiated.  Like how do I let my 
     local network log in but keep the 'outsiders' out?  I know there are 
     some encription and ticket utilities available, but they seem like 
     they may entail more than I'm ready to take on right now.
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