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Derek Martin dmartin at
Fri Feb 11 01:25:19 EST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 pfarrar at wrote:

>      I went on a security binge a month or two ago, and locked down most my 
>      services in /etc/services on the machine I usually use.  Pretty much 
>      anything I didn't recognize got pounded ('#'ed).
>      Yesterday I logged in to my second box from an xterm, set the DISPLAY 
>      environment and tried to open up emacs.  'Unable to connect to host' 
>      or some such message came up on my screen (I don't recall the exact 
>      message).

The port is generally 6000, but there's no mention of it in /etc/services
-- I suspect your problem is xauth related.  If you give us the exact
message we may be able to be of more help.

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