hp882c printer (driver) problem

dmoylan at ibm.net dmoylan at ibm.net
Sat Feb 12 09:08:00 EST 2000

in december i bought an hp 882c printer and set it up under RH5.2 linux,
using the paintjet xl300 driver.  all of my text/document formatting is
done first to postscript files which are then sent to the printer.  it
all appeared to work just fine.

however, while printing some black text, the print started coming out
violet, and further tests show that the color cartridge is out of green
ink.  apparently the black ink cartridge is never used.

sending ascii directly to the print filter via lpr produces black text.
via postscript, it comes out violet.

i tried, using "print tool" to set up a print queue for black and white
only printing, but got back (after long wait) "unrecoverable error,
rangecheck in .putdeviceprops . . ." printed (in black) on the output

so, how do i get the hp882c to use its black ink cartridge when printing
a postscript file?

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