SCSI Problems

Sheldon Dubrowin dubrowin at
Sat Feb 12 11:59:16 EST 2000

Hi All,
	I'm not all that familiar with SCSI, but I know some of you guys use
it more often.  I have a DEC Multia Alpha running RH 5.2.  I recently added
an external disk drive that works fine.  I wanted to add a tape drive to the
same SCSI bus, but when I do, the machine spits out tons of errors, mostly
parity errors, and then leaves me at the MILO> prompt.  The alpha has a
mini-micro connection, the tape drive has 2 mini-micro connections (I don't
know which one is in and which is out) it's a SONY drive, and I have a large
external drive bay that has a Centronics connector.  The wire from the
mini-micro (currently the Alpha) to the Drive Bay goes from mini-micro to
centronics.  The wire I tried to use to put the tape drive inbetween is
mini-micro to mini-micro (alpha to tape drive) made by SUN.  Oh, the drive
bay has a terminator on it for it's "out" port.  Anyone got any ideas on this

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