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Subject: The open source revolution and network management


Hello, my name is Luke Rindfuss, and I want to announce the 
launch of a new open source project. 

In January 1999, the Bluebird project began as a niche application 
in the network management space. Unfortunately, without a good 
platform to run on, we came to the realization that we have to build 
the bulk of network management functionality into Bluebird just to be 
able to run stand-alone.

So we began building the next generation network management 
system. Our software employs state of the art web technologies 
such as JAVA, XML, XSL, ODBC, and distributed computing. 
We are also building the first multi threaded SNMP libraries

We are donating our design docs and source code to  We want to give control over technological
innovation back to the community. The project is not complete
and we need help!

Similarly to the Linux world, our industry is dominated by
multi-billion dollar corporate goliaths. These goliaths, including
HP(OpenView), IBM(Tivoli), and CA(Unicenter), promote
decade old products to their technology starved customer
base. Without the help of the user community our nine
person operation will fail to modernize this industry.

We are trying to get the word out. We are looking for developers, 
testers, technical writers, or anyone that wants to work on a cool 
new open source project. Pease forward this email to anyone 
within your group that might be interested in this project.

Our web site is

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. - Luke

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