phone calls while on ppp

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Thu Feb 24 00:40:49 EST 2000

> I was wondering if there was a switch on ppp or something so that i could let
> in coming phone calls disconnect me, or have no phone calls disconnect me wit
> h
> call waiting. There are times when i, and my room mates, would like to know i
> f
> someone is calling me when I'm on line.

if you add *70 as a dialing prefix, that'll disable call waiting for the
current call (I think that's the right code).

If you set your modem mode to X0, and call waiting interruption will usually
hang up you current line and allow the incoming call to pass (if you didn't
disable call waiting).  Setting mode to X0 will likely forfeit some features...

This was true on my old Hayes compatible 9600 modem.
Don't know if it's still true

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