Multiple clients over Linux PPTP

Oommen Thomas oommen at
Mon Feb 28 16:55:19 EST 2000

We have a VPN between our two offices which have  (DHCP IP assigned)
Windows client machines within a firewall (using masquearding).

We use PPTP Linux server on RHL  using SAMBA to show the browse list at
the remote network and ipchains for the firewall/masquerading.

Some documentation claims that multiple clients can connect to the same
Linux PPTP server, but in reality it doesn't work as per our observation.

On the client side, I have tried setting 
kernel, so that multiple clients within same firewall can connect to
remote PPTP server. This doesnt seem to have any effect at all.

Also, only after around 30 minutes of disconnecting a VPN connection, does
a new one work. 

Is there any way out? Is this a limitation in Linux PPTP? 
If so we will have to go for NT, which is what I want to avoid.

Or am I doing something wrong?


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