[BLU discuss] Re: Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion to Ban Use of Undisclosed Recipients on this List

Derek Martin derek at cerberus.ne.mediaone.net
Mon Feb 28 21:37:46 EST 2000

Oommen Thomas did expound, once apon a Today:

> Kindly listen to my part of the story.
> I had posted to 5 lists each having 100's or 1000's of members.
> Most of these lists have the 'Reply-to' set in the mailing list software
> so that even if there is no 'To', the reply goes to the list. 
> That's what I wanted rather than all the members in all the lists posted
> to, receiving all responses, which will be a real nuisance. (I have done
> so earlier and received flames)

Here's a suggestion:  post to the seperate lists seperately.  I see by the
message headers that you use pine, so it isn't that much extra work.
The steps would be:

1) Send the message to one list

2) go into the sent-mail folder (or what ever you called it)

3) forward the message you just created to the next list, editing out
   forwarded message info (if necessary)

4) wash, rinse, repeat.

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