[BLU discuss] Re: Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion to Ban Use of

Patrick McManus mcmanus at AppliedTheory.com
Tue Feb 29 09:09:36 EST 2000

In a previous episode Derek Martin said...

:: Here's a suggestion:  post to the seperate lists seperately.  I see by the
:: message headers that you use pine, so it isn't that much extra work.

yechh... two things spring to mind to not like about this strategy:

 a] each copy will have a different Message-ID.. so archivers and mail
 filters will treat them as having different content.. people on
 multiple lists will get multiple copies, even if they've setup
 mechanisms to filter them out. It's just like not cross-posting in
 [the old] usenet [days].

 b] wastes bandwidth if any of the lists are housed on the same MX
 host.. this is very common if the lists are closely related
 (linux-foo, linux-bar, and linux-baz for instance..)

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