[BLU discuss] Re: Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion to Ban Use of

Derek Martin derek at cerberus.ne.mediaone.net
Tue Feb 29 11:15:42 EST 2000

Oommen Thomas did expound, once apon a Today:

> On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Derek Martin wrote:

> What if there are people subscribed to all these lists?
> I had experiences of getting flames on doing as Derek suggested above, as
> people think (without bothering to go thru the headers) these are repeated
> postings with same contents.

That scenario I just don't see as a problem.  If they are on all the
lists, and the poster truly didn't get a satisfactory answer (and really
did wait for one), then there's no foul, and they should realize that, if
they followed the thread. 

Some people just like to complain -- you will always run into a few of
these, no matter where you go.  If you want to post messages on mailing
lists or on Usenet, you should expect that someone, at some time, will
flame you.  That doesn't make it o.k. by any means, but it's going to
happen.  Some people just haven't learned any manners, and even those of
us that have occasionally get riled up over nothing (myself most
definitely included)... Except for the rare few, people have bad days, and
sometimes the littlest things can set them off.  Welcome to humanity...

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