[BLU discuss] Re: Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion to Ban Use of

Derek Martin derek at cerberus.ne.mediaone.net
Tue Feb 29 11:06:32 EST 2000

Derek Martin did expound, once apon a Today:

> Have you a better solution? Undisclosed recipients is a rather unfriendly
> way to post to a mailing list.  I still like the idea of the list software
> replacing the "undisclosed recipients" with the address to post to the
> list, but I'm not aware that any mailing list software has such a feature
> (though I'm also not aware of it specifically being absent; I just don't
> know).

One might also argue that this should be a feature of sendmail; any
addresses that are in the BCC: fields get appended to the To: field when
being delivered to that particular recipient.  Note that I'm not arguing
in favor of it, just commenting...

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