[BLU discuss] Re: Multiple clients over Linux PPTP --- Motion

Patrick McManus mcmanus at AppliedTheory.com
Tue Feb 29 11:25:36 EST 2000

In a previous episode Derek Martin said...
:: Derek Martin did expound, once apon a Today:
:: > Have you a better solution? Undisclosed recipients is a rather unfriendly
:: > way to post to a mailing list.  I still like the idea of the list software
:: > replacing the "undisclosed recipients" with the address to post to the
:: > list, but I'm not aware that any mailing list software has such a feature
:: > (though I'm also not aware of it specifically being absent; I just don't
:: > know).
:: One might also argue that this should be a feature of sendmail; any
:: addresses that are in the BCC: fields get appended to the To: field when
:: being delivered to that particular recipient.  Note that I'm not arguing
:: in favor of it, just commenting...

yeah, I thought about that but it really changes the semantics of the
email.. it's important to know when the other recipients of an email
know that you've seen it or not.. if your copy has your name in the
To: line, you don't know that other recipients aren't aware of you
reading it.. additionally there is a semantic difference between to
and cc (or else we wouldn't have them both)..

but what if we twist it slightly and leave a bcc: header on the
message itself when it is delivered, but strip it down to just the
person it is being delivered to.. then you know who was Bcc'd (you
directly, or an exploder, or whatever).. but it's category doesn't


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