Best Unix?

Jim Long jimlong at
Wed Jun 19 10:31:01 EDT 2002

Re: Best Unix?

Anthony J. Gabrielson wrote: agabriel at>
>  Don't forget about IRIX.  I kind of like IRIX.

I am wondering what features you like. Jerry said Solaris is not 
the best UNIX out there. What makes your favorite better? I would 
like to hear from Linux and BSD proponents too.

I did a Google search to find out what IRIX is. IRIX runs on SGI 
workstations and servers. SGI is known for high performance 
advanced graphics. Clustering and High-Availability options are 
available, as are a number of graphics packages including Photoshop 
and industrial design packages. The Interactive Desktop environment 
is supposed to make setting up and using your SGI easier. Xinet 
Macintosh connectivity products provide File and printer sharing 
between SGI and Macintosh.

I also looked up Jerry's favorite, Tru64. They claim Tru64 is the
fastest thing on Alpha, has "the best clustering technology in the 
industry", is the "most scalable, powerful and available operating 
system on the market", is easy to manage and has the best compatability with Windows and Linux workstations.

Other people have said Mac OS X is the best Unix for the workstation. It is built on BSD. Does anyone know if Apple is 
giving back to the free software community. Also, as commercial 
applications become available for native OS X what are the chances 
that we will see those same applications available on x86 based BSD
or Linux?

Jim Long
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