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I have a little 386 box that I run Linux on at home.  I've
been trying to get X up on it for some time now without

I've read a lot of HOWTOs & FAQs but haven't found the answer.
I'm hoping one of you can help.

I'm running the Mono Server [vga2] with a trident 8900cl
chipset and using a Tatung monochrome monitor.  I have to
admit, I also run MS Windows on this machine and can get it to
show up on the monitor.  So I know the monitor can do graphics.

When I startx, the diagnostics all print out OK, I am switched
to an unused virtual terminal and the screen goes white and
that's it.  Oh wait- the hard drive chugs along for a while
before I am able to get to another virtual terminal and shut
the thing down.

So, the server starts, it takes over a screen, but I don't see
a cursor and I never see the fvwm desktop.  I can change the
size and color of the blank screen [from white to grey] by
giving the server various options and dot clocks.

I have my XF86Config & output from the server if anyone is
interested enough to look that far.

Any hints?


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