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Important! FCC proposed subsidation of phone net via modem surcharge

	I thought I would pass this on!!!
	Please clip and forward!
	Protect your networking rights!

		Dan Demus
		dan at

Hey people, Look what I just received;

 >>Original dated: Dec 19 '94, 19:34
     >  Two years ago the FCC tried and (with your help and letters of
     protest) failed to institute regulations that would impose
     additional costs on modem users for data communications. Now,
     they are at it again. A new regulation that the FCC is quietly
     working on will directly affect you as the user of a computer and
     modem. The FCC proposes that users of modems should pay extra
     charges for use of the public telephone network which carry their
     data. In addition, computer network services such as CompuServ,
     Tymnet, & Telenet would also be charged as much as $6.00 per hour
     per user for use of the public telephone network. These charges
     would very likely be passed on to the subscribers. The money is
     to be collected and given to the telephone company in an effort
     to raise funds lost to deregulation.  Jim Eason of KGO newstalk
     radio (San Francisco, CA) commented on the proposal during his
     afternoon radio program during which, he said he learned of the
     new regulation in an article in the New York Times. Jim took the
     time to gather addresses which are given below.
     >  Here's what you should do (NOW!): >
     >  1-Pass this information on. Caprure the information which
     contains the text you are reading now. Find other BBS's that are
     not carrying this  information. Upload the ASCII text into public
     message on the  BBS, and  also upload the file itself so others
     can easily get a copy to pass along.
     >  2-Print out three copies of the letter which follows (or write
     your down) and send a signed copy to each of the following:
     >  Chairman of the FCC
     >  1919 M Street N.W.
     >  Washington, D.C. 20554
     >  Chairman, Senate Communication Subcommittee
     >  SH-227 Hart Building
     >  Washington, D.C. 20510
     >  Chairman, House Telecommunication Subcommittee
     >  B-331 Rayburn Building
     >  Here's the suggested text of the letter to send: >
     >  Dear Sir:
     >  Please allow me to express my displeasure with the FCC
     proposal which would authorize a surcharge for the use of modems
     on the telephone network. This regulation is nothing less than an
     attempt to restrict the free exchange of information among the
     growing number of computer users. Calls placed using modems
     require no special telephone equipment, and users of modems pay
     the phone company for use of the network in the form of a monthly

     >  In short, a modem call is the same as a voice call and
     therefore should not be subject to any additional regulation.
     >  Sincerely,
     >  It is important that you act now. The bureaucrats already have
     it in their heads that modem users should subsidize the phone
     company and are now listening to public comment. Please stand up
     and make it clear that we will not stand for any government
     restriction on the free exchange of information.
     >  Please deal with this in a TIMELY manner. We can't wait and
     watch, or we will be walked over by government regulations that
     are trying to strangle us.

     >  Thanks,
     >  Your name here
     >Sorry if this was of inconvenience to anyone. I'm just trying to
     spread this around

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