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ELF Web-browsers

>   I saw two ELF browsers on a sunsite mirror (arena and chimera) and will
> try them soon. Anybody got comments on them? Aside from other features, I 
> really want remote controllability in a browser -- it's so convenient to be 
> able to use Netscape as a server and simply tell it "go look at this URL" 
> from the shell, emacs or a script. 

  Well I tried em both briefly. Chimera must have been a nice project for
somebody, and it certainly works, but feature-wise it is nowhere near 
Netscape or Mosaic. Arena looks nice, and has some advanced features
including support for HTML 3.0 (haven't seen remote controllability 
mentioned) but (according to the docs) is still very much Beta, and 
likely to remain so. It is intended more to experiment with cool
features than to compete as a browser.
  There is a slightly irritating problem with it too: it converts 
references like file:/usr/local into ftp://localhost/usr/local, meaning you 
have to be running an FTP server to preview local files. Hardly 
insurmountable, but irritating nonetheless....


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