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ELF Web-browsers

  Well, I recently upgraded to ELF (not very hard with all the new ELF 
distributions), and I'm looking for a good ELF Web browser. 
Unfortunately, the Motif libs I have are a.out (got them for a school 
project) which further constrains things. It seems that neither Netscape
nor NCSA has an ELF binary, and without ELF Motif I can't build an 
ELF Mosaic.

  I saw two ELF browsers on a sunsite mirror (arena and chimera) and will
try them soon. Anybody got comments on them? Aside from other features, I 
really want remote controllability in a browser -- it's so convenient to be 
able to use Netscape as a server and simply tell it "go look at this URL" 
from the shell, emacs or a script. 

  Anyway if worse comes to worse I can keep using my old a.out versions 
of Netscape, but I hope to do better than that....


Peter Breton  pbreton at          PGP key by finger
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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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