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Hard disk problem

> At 10:38 AM 11/30/95 -0500, Hsin-Yu Sidney Li wrote:

> Oh, wait a minute. Maybe I jumped the gun. When you ran FDISK and reformatted, you probably got rid of Ontrack, didn't you???
> Dan Murphy                 murph at
> Vmark Software             74260.3322 at
> Westboro, MA
Ontrack installs Disk Manager into the Master Boot Record. The best way to 
clobber it is to use the DOS FDISK with the /mbr option to rewrite. Then the 
FSF fdisk should be able to work fine. The problem is that when Disk Manager 
is installed, things like the partition table may not be were it would be 
expected. If the system is booted from a floppy, dos or otherwise, the hard 
disk may appear to have different dimensions. 
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