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Linux software loading

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> Can you advise me as to your next meeting for the Linux InstallFest or
> provide me with a list of BLU members who can't help me get an Alpha
> machine up and running with Linux?
What kinds of problems are you having? I suggest that you also subscribe to the Red Hat mailing list. (axp-list at I have a UDB (Multia). Linux installed nicely on that system. 

One very strong recommendation is to use the ARC console. (There are 2 consoles on most Alphas, ARC and SRM). Create a small DOS partition, and whatever Linux partitions you want. Place the Linux kernel and loadlin.exe (Alpha version) on the DOS partition. You can place the appropriate MILO and loadlin commands in the appropriate environment variable for the boot in the ARC console. The book that Red Hat supplies with Linux explains much of this. Not sure if they have included the recommendation for the DOS partition. I do not recommend flashing MILO into the boot prom. 

Linux is supported on most, but not all Alphas.  
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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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