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Linux Info (fwd)

John Abreau wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 JA> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
 JA> Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:01:56 -0500
 JA> To: jabr at
 JA> Subject: Linux Info

 JA> Dear John. I am a beginner level Linux/Unix user. I have
 JA> just begun a class in Unix System Administration and was
 JA> given a copy of Linux 0.99 to try to load on my home PC. It
 JA> is unable to read the hard drive on installation at fdisk. I
 JA> think it is because it is an older version and I have a
 JA> ISA/PCI bus. My home PC is a Compaq
 JA> Presario 4712 with Windows95 pre-installed. It has 32MB RAM,
 JA> Pentium 166MHtz and a 2.5 G hard drive and a CDROM. I am
 JA> trying to get information about the possibility of getting a
 JA> recent version of Linux for my home computer along with
 JA> installation instructions and any other info I could use. I
 JA> would appreciate any info you could pass along. Thank You.
 JA> Mike Dacey.

I don't even remember whether an ancient version such as 0.99 has PCI support
or not.  In any case, it should not be used.

There are several extremely inexpensive vendors of Linux CD-ROMs.  Both LSL
("";) and CheapBytes ("";) sell
complete Linux sets under $10 with shipping.  LSL's "Tri-Linux" is noteworthy.

The Debian distribution is probably the best choice for someone approaching
Linux as a tutorial exercise.  The Red Hat distribution is also good, and
slightly older version of it are often sold in major bookstores bundled with
some sort of manual.  Red Hat also publishes "Doctor Linux," which is a bound
compendium of the freeware Linux Documentation Project.
-- Mike

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