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BLU.ORG - Special Meeting - 29 January 1998

Please make note that the Boston Linux & Unix group WILL NOT be meeting
this Wednesday, 21 January. 

Due to the special nature of the January Meeting topic, we will be
meeting instead on Thursday, 29 January 1998 at 7:00 pm in MIT Building

Topic: A Showcase of Red Hat Software, Inc. and RedHat 5.0

Presented by: Lisa Sullivan * Donnie Barnes

Lisa Sullivan will be discussing Red Hat Software, Inc. itself, its
history, philosophies, working environment, plans for expansion, etc. 

Donnie will be presenting on the new features of Red Hat 5.0:

	1.glibc and what it means to Linux 
	2.kickstart and automated installs 
	3.wmconfig and its impact on the desktop 
	4.install refinements - PCI probing, daemon starting/stopping,
	Disk Druid
	5.sound support

For more information, please visit our web page:

>>>>>>>>>> More details will be given as soon as known! Stay tuned!

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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