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GPL-style availability of NetScape 5.0 sourcecodes announced

Wow, I knew that would stir up the traffic!

I agree wholeheartedly that it is a good thing for them to do.
When the src is released, I plan to take a look at it and will
probably attempt a native port to Linux/Alpha so I can run it
on my Alpha without needing the DEC libraries.

I just find it funny in light of the recent announcement of their
financials and it sure makes good fodder for conversation.


At 08:49 AM 1/23/98 -0500, Jonathan Eunice wrote:
>Right you are!   But I take that as a positive. )B?Isn't it pretty savvy
>for the "harness the network" company to change its development mode
>in order to "harness the network"?   
>Like Linux and gnu projects, if you don't want to contribute time and
>energy, no one will fault you for staying home.  The people of Netscape 
>Communications Corp. simply joins LT and RMS in inviting you, should you 
>desire and be able, to contribute to their brainchild and greater glory.  
>I don't see it RMS-style as some sort of noble undertaking or religious
>calling, but it's an interesting hobby that'll keep you off the streets 
>and out of trouble.
>Jonathan Eunice
>Analyst and IT Advisor

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