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Possible future topic

Once upon a time,

I configured my Redhat < 4.2 system to have a beautiful Xlogin window,
complete with animated xlock graphics going on in the background.
Since that day, with every version upgrade, my set of xdm config
files have successfully migrated from upgrade to upgrade.

Along comes 4.2!  Now, xlock is unable to fire up the desired 'flame mode'
during the login process.  From my initial diagnostics, it's looks like
xlock is now bound (or bound differently) to PAM.  So, having never
messed with PAM, I set out to read the docs in /usr/doc/pam-xxx.
Well, at 4:30am I was unable to figure it out (no I wasn't up all night
working on this... I had to get up to feed the kids).

So, how about a PAM session.  The how to do it the RIGHT WAY series!
I'm sure I could hack my way around, but I like'd really like to
get to know the insides of how to administrate PAM.

In the mean time, xearth has replace my login backdrop... sigh...

- Christoph

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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