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RedHat XF86 problems

Thanks to the unusal randomness of the drawings last thursday, I now have a 
copy of Red Hat PowerTools.  And I installed it.  Now I know that I should 
have picked up the boxed version because there are a lot of little things 
which puzzle me and are not well covered by the installation screens.  Maybe 
some of you have advice.  I have a copy of 'Linux In A Nutshell' and a copy 
of Sams 'Slackware Linux Unleashed' (don't ask) for reference.  

Installation was uneventful.  Fdisk works better than Druid.  More control. 
 LILO overwrote the OnTrack Disk Manager in the MBR.  I need the disk 
manager to access my large D: drive.  Oddly enough, Linux reaches all of the 
D: drive without the OnTrack.  I have a hack to reach it when I run under 

But that's not the real problem.  I am having problems with Xfree windows.  
I have a ViewSonic 4e monitor and a generic ET4000 based card with 1 meg 
DRAM.  I made the best guesses I could based on the information I had.  The 
result is that when I start Xwindows using xinit, I get a 1/4 sized window 
in the upper left hand corner of my screen.  When I quit Xwindows using 
Ctl/Alt/BS, the character screen is very dim.  I started to reconfigure 
using XF86config, but the questions were daunting, so I quit.  If anyone has 
any suggestions, contact me offline so as not to bore the rest of the list 
with my special problems.



Karl Hergenrother     imagelab at
Image Labs            (978)244-0509
67 Old Stage Rd.
Chelmsford, MA 01824

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